Current Research Projects

Electric propulsion


An Electric propulsion is one of the rocket engines, work by pushing ions and neutral atoms away from the spacecraft using electric power. The action of the heavy particles leaving the thruster causes a reaction that pushes the spacecraft in the opposite direction. Electric propulsions produce high energy transfer efficiency with good specific propellant consumption. Therefore, Electric propulsions have already been used extensively in space missions, such as Deep space 1, HAYABUSA, and among other missions. The detail is shown in here

Laser fusion rocket(LFR)


In Laser Fusion Rocket, plasma control technology using magnetic field, called magnetic thrust chamber was used. High density and high temperature plasma produced by inertial confinement fusion can be controlled by magnetic field and convert a large amount of energy to large thrust with high specific impulse through the magnetic thrust chamber.

The detail of LFR is here

Plasma Application & diagnostics


The laser based diagnostics for understanding the physics inside these propulsions

The detail is shown in here

Laser Application


Basic research and application usign high intensity laser.

The detail is shown in here